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Client Testimonials

What Parents Say About Camp

“The staffers were very welcoming to my daughter, who was having some sudden onset shyness/clinginess issues this summer -- but after one day she LOVED the camp, loved the content of the camp, loved the staff... awesome. She is still performing (and refining) her story, asking us for 'helpful comments' to make her story better, and creating new stories.

In addition to being great fun, this camp had an academic component that I think will be super valuable going forward. My Daughter is paying attention to elements of stories in new ways and also understands that things sometimes need work and improvement before it's 'done'. Also loved the snacks and variety of lunch provided -- that made my camp week easier! Fabulous! The perfect amount of fun and quality educational experience. Thank you! I can't wait to sign her up for one or more Brainy Bunch camps next summer!” – Stephanie, Piedmont

“My daughter loved her teachers; they were very engaging. Our daughter's imagination was so quickly captured by the teachers - and her final story was fantastic! – Susan, Piedmont

“My son have met his goal, he truly became a storyteller.” – Cathy, Piedmont

“The Staff were so friendly, they really seemed to care about my child. I LOVED! Lunch being included and the kids had so much fun with the activities” – Sarah, Piedmont

“The Staff are very enthusiastic, caring and making the camp really, really fun for the children. It's probably the most memorable summer camp she has ever been to and could not stop talking about how much she misses the teachers. She's already requesting for the same camp next year, and is inspired to be a lawyer one day. Thank you for making her first mock trial class an unforgettable experience!

I Appreciated the staff, critical reading, writing & speaking, the stories chosen was well thought out, understanding the court system, healthy snacks and lunch provided really takes the burden off the parents. Most of all, the kids had fun!” – Jacqueline, Belmont

“The staff were attentive, fun, and great with kids. The camp helped my daughter build confidence in speaking before a group and help her camp-mates who were more shy.”  – Katrina, Palo Alto

“The Staff were thoughtful, intelligent, caring. I was impressed with the group. I am glad my son enjoyed the program. Additionally, I appreciated that it encouraged him to learn to read texts critically, to reason about them, and to present his ideas in a group.” - Phil, Palo Alto

What Our Campers Are Saying

“I liked that we learned about neutral buoyancy, making planes with foam and paint. I also liked meeting my new friends Jasmine and Rex. The Staff were funny and fun to be with. They liked my jokes and the names my friends and I gave them.” – Caroline, Danville

“I love getting to meet new people, playing games, and building and doing fun experiments. The instructors were funny and taught us fun things. Next year make it last longer!” – Nicola, Danville

“I liked that I learned a lot about speaking, more than at school.” – Chris, Atherton

“My teachers did games and made group storyboards. I liked the board best. I would invite more friends next year.” – 1st grader, Atherton

“The teachers were really, really, really super duper nice. I liked writing in this camp. It was really fun, and I liked mafia, bipiddy-bippidy-bop. “ – 5th grader, Atherton

“I liked best that I got to read in front of my dad. The teachers were encouraging and fun.” – True, Piedmont

“The teachers weren’t strict and gave us plenty of support. I liked the writing exercises they had us do.” – Zoe, Piedmont

“It was fun to learn new ways of writing. I liked the instructors because they taught me different things.” – Piedmont

“The teachers and camper are totally awesome. They were creative and funny. Camp is perfect.” – Mina, Piedmont

“I think Public Speaking class is helping me be a louder and confident person. (My instructor) is super fun and plays super fun games, but also adds things to the games to help us with public speaking, like in Mafia, the accused made a speech about why they are not Mafia. I can’t wait to do more fun things in public speaking class.” – Natalie

“I like this class because it is fun and improves my speaking!” – Kaitly

“I love this class because it is a fun, AWESOME speaking class!” – Zita,

“What I like best about Public Speaking is all the fun games and activities.” – Mitch

 “I like that the teachers are nice and they teach us well.” – Maxwell

 “What I like best is learning how to speak and the body of a speech.” – Gabby