2011 Required Tax Forms (Required Tax Forms)

2012 Direct Deposit Form (All Camps)

2012 Required Tax Forms (Required Tax Forms)

2012 Stanford Verification (Required Tax Forms)

2013 Required Hiring and Tax Forms (Required Tax Forms)

2013 Required Tax Forms (All Camps)

2013 Stanford Verification and LiveScan Requirement (Required Tax Forms)

Acting Instructor (California Actors Workshop)

Advanced Public Speaking Instructor (Public Speaking Institute - Advanced Program)

Advanced Video Production Instructor (Advanced Video Production)

ALE Public Speaking Instructor (American Legal Experience)

Assistant Director (All Camps)

Camp Brainy Bunch Instructor (Camp Brainy Bunch)

Camp Director (All Camps)

College Counselor (College Admission Programs)

College Counselor (College Admission Prep Camp (TM))

College Counselor and Personal Statement Instructor (College Admission Prep Camp Day Camp)

College Level Writing Instructor (A+ Summer Pre-College)

Computer Instructor (Computer Camp)

countersign test (A+ Summer Pre-College)

countersign testing ()

Creative Writing Instructor (Emerging Writers Institute)

Critical Reading Instructor (A+ Summer High School)

Director (All Camps)

Enrichment Instructor (Summer Focus at Berkeley )

Essay Writing Instructor (Prep Camp Excel ™)

Lead American Legal Experience Instructor (American Legal Experience)

Leadership Instructor (A+ Summer Leadership)

Logic Instructor (A+ Summer High School)

Personal Statement Writing Instructor (College Admission Prep Camp Intensive)

Personal Statement Instructor (CAPC), Essay Writing Instructor (Excel) and Public Speaking Instructor (PSI) (All Camps)

Personal Statement Writing Instructor (College Admission Programs)

Presentations Instructor (A+ Summer Pre-College)

PSAT Math and Verbal Instructor (Prep Camp Excel ™)

PSAT Math Instructor (Prep Camp Excel ™)

PSAT Verbal Instructor (Prep Camp Excel ™)

Public Speaking - Drama Instructor (Public Speaking Institute - Drama Focus Week )

Public Speaking Instructor (Public Speaking Institute)

Reading/Writing Instructor (A+ Summer Middle School)

Research and Reading Instructor (A+ Summer Pre-College)

Resident Advisor/Academic Tutor (Summer Focus at Berkeley )

Sally Ride Science Camp Counselor (Sally Ride Science Camp)

Sally Ride Science Camp Instructor (Sally Ride Science Camp)

SAT Math and Verbal Instructor (College Admission Prep Camp (TM))

SAT Math Instructor (College Admission Programs)

SAT Verbal Instructor (College Admission Programs)

Science Camp Counselor (Sally Ride Science Camps for Girls (Day Camp))

Science Camp Instructor (Sally Ride Science Camps for Girls (Day Camp))

Science/Engineering Instructor (A+ Summer Middle School)

Shakespeare and Performance Instructor (Ashland Shakespeare Seminar)

Social Studies/Global Problem Solving Instructor (A+ Summer Middle School)

Stanford Verification (Required Tax Forms)

Study Skills Instructor (Prep Camp Excel ™)

Tour Leader (All Camps)

Video Production Instructor (Video Production Camp)

Video Project Instructor (A+ Summer High School)

w-2 test staff ()

Writing Instructor (A+ Summer High School)

Writing Instructor (A+ Summer Pre-College)