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DIY Builder Workshop

Jun 29th 2015 – Jul 3rd 2015

Location: Belmont: Notre Dame Elementary

Grade: 1st - 3rd

News and Information

News and Information

Camp Brainy Bunch is the new face of our successful Da Vinci Day Camp program. We are part of the larger Education Unlimited Inc. family of academic summer programs devoted to giving you the best options for summer learning. All of our camps benefit from the experience and support of more than 20 years of outstanding summer camp programs. Visit our parent company's website at to review our extensive catalog of outstanding college campus programs that your camper can look forward to in the years to come.

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Why Camp Brainy Bunch?

Camp is a Family - Through play and support we make each camper feel like part of ours.

One Subject Each Week - Our immersive single-subject programs prevent summer learning loss and inspire campers to learn something new.

Great Minds - Each learning workshop is created by career educators that love what they do and pour their experience and enthusiasm into our exclusive curriculum. Each subject of study is named for a specific great mind who becomes students' "mentor" for the week.