Summer Camps for Kids in San Francisco Alamo Square, CA

Camp Brainy Bunch near Alamo Square

June Camp Director: Carlisle Stuart

Carlisle Stuart is currently a 12th grade English teacher in Nashville, Tennessee! She has several years of experience as a teacher, summer camp counselor, tutor, and mentor.  This summer, she is looking forward to meeting all the amazing kids and seeing how they grow not only academically, but also personally through the many amazing experiences they will have at camp. 

Outside of school, Carlisle loves hanging out with friends, reading, and watching just about anything on Netflix. Her favorite summer camp memory was making friends with my campmates, who she is still in touch with to this day!

July Camp Director: Momo Matsuda

Momo Matsuda is joining us for her second year at Camp Brainy Bunch. She is currently in the Waldorf teacher training program learning about the Waldorf School and teaching philosophy and has been assisting in the lower grades at SF Waldorf School for two years. She is so excited to be a Waldorf grades school teacher once she graduates from teacher training! Momo loves camp because she enjoys working creatively with other teachers and with the children! Momo says, " Teachers and children have the most imagination and creativity, therefore the most fun!!!" 

 Outside of school, you can find Momo hiking, cooking with friends and family, and learning how to make new things. Recently she learned how to dye fabric with sourgrass and onion skin to make a beautiful golden yellow! Momo's favorite summer camp memory from her own childhood was kayaking along a river, which quickly became a game of knocking over each other's kayaks. She remembers the water was warm and the river flowed gently and it felt like a long beautiful sunny day!

Base Camp Price                     AM & PM Extended Care: 8am-9am | 3pm-6:00pm    PM care 3pm to 4pm   PM Care: 3pm - 6:00pm   AM Care only: 8am - 9:00am
$2795 All Summer Pass 
$595 Single Week
Add $600 (Includes 8am to 6:00pm)
Add $175 (Includes 8am to 6:00pm)             $100            $150             $50

Add $75 per week (4-5:30 PM)

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