Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to many of your most pressing questions below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us via phone at (510) 548-4800 or via email at

Camp Enrollment & Extended Care

What is the deadline for signing up for camp?

As long as spaces are available, we accept registrations right up to the day before the camp session begins. However, we do recommend that you register as soon as possible to guarantee a space for your child as many of our sites typically will reach capacity.

Do you offer extended care? How do I sign up?

Yes. Regular camp hours are from 9:00am-3:00 pm, and our extended care hours are from 8:00am-6:00 pm. You can add the extended care option during the checkout process once you add a session into your cart. If you would like to add extended care after you have already completed registration, please contact us via phone or email and we can add it for you.

What will my child do during extended care?

In the morning between 8:00-9:00 am, our staff sets up quieter "wake up and warm up" activities such as friendship bracelets, games, crafts, and art projects. During the afternoon extended care from 3:00-6:00 pm, campers are often able to continue projects they started during the curriculum time of the day such as finishing up engineering builds, creating props for mock court, or putting the final touches on a broadcasting video. They will also have opportunities for a daily craft and game as well as structured and unstructured outdoor play. Our counselors and educators have many tricks and surprises up their sleeves to make sure the extended care time feels relaxed and fun while still keeping your kiddo engaged and enthused until you arrive.

Can I add extended care after camp starts?

If space is available, you may add extended care after the camp season has started. However, we do not prorate the extended care fee for the week.

Can I add more camp sessions after camp starts?

Yes, as long as spaces are available in the week or weeks you are interested in, you may add additional weeks.

We won't be able to attend a full week of camp, is that okay?

It's absolutely OK, although not recommended. Our curriculum is designed to progress over five days, often with a final project for parents that is performed or displayed on Friday. Missing a day does mean that your child will miss part of the process and may not get to complete all of the activities. If we do not offer a full week that will fit into your summer schedule, you can of course still register for camp with the intention to miss days. However, please keep in mind that we cannot prorate the cost of those days.

What happens if I am late to pick up my child?

Campers not enrolled in extended care are to be picked up by 3:05pm. Campers enrolled in extended care are to be picked up by 6:00pm.

The following extended care fees will be charged for campers not enrolled in extended care who are picked up late:

  • Pick-up between 3:10pm-4:00 pm: $15
  • Between 4:01pm-5:00pm: $30
  • Between 5:01pm-6:00pm: $45
  • Pick-up after 6:00pm: $45 extended care fee + $2 for each additional minute

  • The following fees will be charged for campers enrolled in extended care who are picked up late:

  • Pick-up after 6:00pm: $5 + $2 for each additional minute after 6:05pm
  • Do you offer multi-week discounts?

    Yes, we do! If you register for 2 or more weeks you can save up to $60 off per week. Please click here to learn more about our multi-week discounts.

    Do you offer sibling discounts?

    Yes, we do! The multi-week discounts can be for siblings registered on the same account. Please click here to learn more about our multi-week discounts

    Safety & Supervision at Camp

    Who are your program instructors and camp staff?

    Our instructional staff members are carefully chosen for their exceptional subject matter expertise and passion for mentoring youth. We take pride in hiring career educators who possess extensive teaching experience and generally hold a Bachelor's or Master's degree in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to our campers' learning experiences. Camp counselors, who work alongside our instructors, lead recreational activities, and provide additional supervision, are typically college students. Our staff members are required to be at least 18 years old and undergo annual background checks before being employed at our camp. Once hired, they participate in a comprehensive training program that covers child development, camp safety, and our unique curriculum. We are committed to providing our campers with a safe and engaging learning environment led by a team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals.

    How do you ensure campers stay safe?

    We take safety seriously at Camp Brainy Bunch; it is our #1 priority. Our camp staff are trained in our organizational safety protocol. Our site directors create a safety plan based on the unique needs and site conditions of each camp location. Each location has a First Aid Kit on hand.

    What is the supervision like for your programs?

    We strive for a staff to student ratio that averages 1:8, and even better at many of our programs. Programs maintain a low student to instructor ratio to provide the best quality learning experience for each camper. We maintain line-of-site supervision on all campers at all times. Additionally, each site director creates a safety plan based on the unique needs and site conditions of each camp location.

    How do I get in touch during camp hours?

    You will be given the camp director’s cell phone number at the start of the week. Additionally, you can always call our home office at 510-548-4800 and we can relay information to the at-camp staff as well.

    What if my child gets hurt?

    All camp locations are equipped with a First Aid Kit and our staff will make sure to attend to your child’s injury appropriately. We communicate injuries and illnesses to parents.

    How do you deal with serious allergies at camp?

    We take allergies very seriously. After you complete registration, you will be asked to complete a detailed medical form where you can communicate any information to us about your child’s allergies. This information is then sent to the camp director at your camp location so that he or she may work with the staff on any specific instructions or needs your child may have. We ask all Camp Brainy Bunch parents to not send their child with food containing peanuts or tree nuts; this is communicated to parents via email prior to the start of camp requesting all families to diligently comply. As such, we do strive for a peanut aware environment, but cannot promise camp will be 100% allergen free.


    Is lunch provided for campers?

    Campers will need to bring their own lunches and snacks. We do request that campers bring in nut-free lunches and snacks. There will be access to water fountains, but we encourage campers to bring their own refillable water bottles from home.

    My camper attended Camp Brainy Bunch last year, will the curriculum be different?

    Our academic themes remain consistent from year to year. In the off-season our curriculum team re-visits the content and activities and may choose to refresh or update projects. However, since many of our activities are designed to be open-ended and have multiple possible outcomes, at times we do keep favorite camper projects each year because they may produce different results.

    Are there behavior expectations?

    Yes, all participants should be able to maintain respectful behavior at or above their grade level. As such, students who endanger the safety or well-being of other students, willfully cause damage, or disrupt the ability of the teacher to provide a sound and positive classroom experience may be asked to stay home from the camp for one or more days as deemed appropriate by the site director and division director. There are no prorated refunds in these rare situations.

    What is your Tax ID number?

    Our Tax ID number for both Camp Brainy Bunch and Education Unlimited is 94-3177298.

    What should my child bring with them to camp?

    Your child should bring the follow items with them each day:
      - Refillable water bottle
      - Lunch
      - A morning and afternoon snack *No peanut or tree nuts please; we on occasion host campers with severe allergies. Please do not sent anything that needs refrigeration or to be heated up.*
      - Closed toe shoes
      - Sunscreen
      - Change of clothes (optional)

    How can I sign up for your email list?

    You can sign up for our email list on our homepage. In the top right corner, you will see a green rectangle that says “Join our email list.” Simply click to add your email and you will then receive updates about our programs, including special offers for our subscribers.

    Does Camp Brainy Bunch serve children with special needs?

    While our camp curriculum is not specifically designed to accommodate special needs, we invite you to contact us at 510-548-4800 so we can help decide if our camps are the right fit for your child and what accommodations we are able to provide.