STEM- Science, Tech, Engineering and Math

Our children face a world none of us can even dream, demanding that they be flexible thinkers who can build, make and imagine. Our science and engineering (STEM) camps give kids a place to build the habits of mind they will need to be the scientists and inventors of the future. 

At Camp Brainy Bunch, STEM means….

Hands-on Learning: Children are natural scientists. With engaging, kinesthetic projects spearheaded by the campers, they have the time and environment to put their natural (and learned) science skills to the test in a way that is entirely different than science at school.

Do-It-Yourself Spirit: We focus on creative thinking skills and the confidence that allows campers to push their limits and take on new challenges. This is all done through inquiry, testing of ideas, and re-designing plans to make projects even better. Our STEM activities are complicated enough to be a challenge and easy enough that emerging scientists can recreate them at home with simple tools and their new know-how. 

Infusing Joy: Whether they are imagining themselves as future doctors, engineers, or inventors, we want our campers to find joy in creating, building, and making. At camp, we want our scientists to not only learn physics, anatomy, and engineering, but to find the fun in designing a catapult to shoot a marshmallow across the room, the excitement of creating an invention to solve a real-world problem, and discovering the magical ways our body systems work together to shoot a basketball or solve a math problem!

STEM- Science, Tech, Engineering and Math Programs

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