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Engineering: 4th-6th


Launch it
Race it
Plug it in and turn it up!

Power Up, the title says it all. We make amazing creations and then add power. Every year we have new projects and new challenges to test our creativity. Join our engineering and physics exploration with these 2017’s new projects:

Low Friction Wire Racers
PVC Speaker
Air Cannon Rockets

Part electronics, part engineering, part physics and totally awesome, this DIY inspired workshop will get you thinking critically and creatively every day.


Electric Powered Wire Racer -
Create your own custom high flying wire racers. Low friction and balance are key in this challenge to race across the room suspended on thin wires than carry your creation and power it at the same time.

PCV Speakers - Copper coil, magnets, pvc pipe… equals a speaker? Come see how we make it happen and explore the science behind it.

Air Cannon Rockets - Rockets and an air cannon… need I say more… ok I will… Join us to build custom designed foam rockets that soar more than 100 feet. A strong design is essential, otherwise they have the tendency to explode. Which we like to call an exciting learning moment.


Design Cycle - Success rarely happens the first time we build something new. Campers explore the value of planning, designing, building, testing and then improving their projects.

Basic Electronics - Campers explore basic electronic concepts as they power up their vehicles creating closed circuits and avoiding shorts.

Physics/Engineering - Each day has an instructional focus on a different concept within physics and engineering. These concepts are collectively applied to each of our different projects as the week progresses. Camper explore how to speak about the success of their creation through these terms. Concepts include different forces (frictional, normal, resistance, weight/gravity, tension), laws of motion, and engineering principles.

DO-IT-YOURSELF - Nothing builds confidence like DIY. Campers get to see their ideas come to life through their own efforts. We give them the knowledge, tools and support to practice new skills and create something they can call their own. 


Healthy lunches are provided everyday through School Foodies

Each weeks starts off with professional designed teambuilding to help campers meet new people and build friendships

Daily organized recreation promotes a strong camp community

Morning (starting at 8:00 AM) and afternoon (Till 5:30 PM) extended care is available at most locations

Our outstanding instructors are selected for their love of teaching and their experience in the subjects they teach