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Writing: 4th-6th


All of our favorite stories started with a writer’s dream and great characters. Creating Characters workshop gives campers the chance to expand their writing skills and bring remarkable characters to life. With the help of our experienced writing pros, each young author will spend the week developing his or her unique character and adventures. Campers create their own heroes, villains, quirky sidekicks, lovable rogues, and talking animals!

We explore the characters and stories we love to inspire our own creations. We make writing come alive with lessons on plot, archetypes, dialogue, setting, and much more. Camper experience writing through a variety of perspectives and medium.

A camper’s finished story about his/her character is captured in a hand-crafted writer’s journal.


Character Profiles - Campers create dynamic character profiles and learn to explore their characters in depth. Giving each camper a character to write into any new adventure and the skills to develop new and exciting characters to fill their pages.

Short Story Fiction - Using their custom characters, campers work on one primary short story as they explore writing techniques and learn the importance of editing.

Custom Bound Writer's Notepad - Use a variety of materials from fabric to leather we create custom writer’s journals. This special design allows for writers to remove and add new pages so their journal can be used again and again.


Character Development - Campers learn the importance of creating strong characters in their stories. Lessons on character Archetypes and fun activities to fully create each character will give campers the tools to continue to write great characters beyond camp.

Creative Writing Basics - We will explore plot, setting, tone, dialogue and more. These components of writing will help bring campers’ writing to life.


Healthy lunches are provided everyday through School Foodies

Each weeks starts off with professional designed teambuilding to help campers meet new people and build friendships

Daily organized recreation promotes a strong camp community

Morning (starting at 8:00 AM) and afternoon (Till 5:30 PM) extended care is available at most locations

Our outstanding instructors are selected for their love of teaching and their experience in the subjects they teach