At Camp Brainy Bunch, growing future leaders is our most important work. For this reason, we have infused this specialty into all of our seven program areas. 

Leadership means….

Thinking about the Individual: Each camper has a different personality and a unique style of leadership. At Camp Brainy Bunch we challenge our campers to consider the values that make them each natural leaders. As they get to know who they are, they are able to put their talents to work to make the world is a better place

Reflecting on the Team: Being a leader doesn’t mean you have the loudest voice or the flashiest ideas. Leaders know how to listen, collaborate and build relationships with others. Our campers are challenged within a team setting to complete leadership exercises. These creative activities promote our camp values of developing “everyday” leaders who thrive in all kinds of settings. So put on your blindfold and let us lead you into fun!

Infusing Fun: With experienced staff, a supportive camp community, crazy and creative topics, exciting challenges, and zany games, we make every day a positive experience. Becoming a leader means your child gets to step out of their comfort zone by dancing, singing, performing, and playing their way to become the best version of themselves!