At Camp Brainy Bunch, we believe writing is not only a foundational academic skill, but more importantly, an essential form of communication in all areas of life.  It’s so important that we have included it in all seven of our programs! 

At Camp Brainy Bunch, writing means...

Sharing Your Story: We believe every child has a story to tell. This may be an imaginative tale of a far-off planet full of superhero aliens or a persuasive opinion article on the merits of a longer recess. Over the course of the week, we help our campers find their writing voice and learn the skills it takes to communicate their stories more effectively. 

Taking the Next Step: Every writer has strengths and challenges. We meet our writers where they are and help them develop to their next level. Campers are taught grade-appropriate writing concepts, take inspiration from great children's literature, and then get the chance to put it all down on paper!

Infusing Creativity: Writers don't generally find inspiration by looking at a blank page or doing worksheets. Through dramatic skits, storyboard puzzles, loads of games, and silly poems, young authors find the joy that comes from telling your own tale. The fact that our staff happen to be "experts" in using crazy voices to read stories manages to really keep the fun factor up all week!