At Camp Brainy Bunch, we seek to combine relevant academic themes with creative hands-on activities that allow elementary-age children to learn-by-doing while having fun and making friends along the way. We offer a variety of weekly themes that are offered around the San Francisco Bay Area!



We offer a wide variety of weekly themes to capture a range of interests. Whether you decide to focus on a particular skill set by choosing a specific week or allowing your child to explore a variety of potential “majors” through several weeks at a Camp Brainy Bunch location near you, we have something for everyone! Click on any one of our majors below to learn more.


Academic Themes

Through our age-appropriate curriculum, young children are able to grow critical skill sets during these key developmental years. We explore critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and much more through activities that build on the wonders of childhood curiosity and imagination. With new friends at their side to increase the fun factor, children gain knowledge that they can carry with them into middle school and beyond.



Experiential learning is the foundation of our teaching philosophy at Camp Brainy Bunch; it was born from our immersive middle and high school programs offered through Education Unlimited. We believe in focusing on one subject for the length of the week, allowing campers to delve deeply into content through all sorts of hands-on activities. Child development research validates play as a vehicle for learning, and as a result, our week-long programs are designed to build upon that sense of play with creative and fun projects that allow them to learn-by-doing.