Which Curriculums are included in the All Summer Pass? All of them!

This is what we have in store for Summer 2024: 

Legendary Leaders

At Camp Brainy Bunch, we believe that all students are leaders. Leaders are not necessarily the loudest or the most forceful, but people who tap into their passions in order to make the world a better place. Our leadership program will help your child identify and explore their passions, and channel them into something tangible. Visit the curriculum tab below for more details!Learn more here.

Amazing Attorneys

One of our most popular camp programs! All attorneys at Camp Brainy Bunch will participate in fun activities that will give their communication and critical thinking skills a serious workout. Through skits, plays and fairy tale mock trials, our young lawyers will gain experience in public speaking.  Learn more here

Incredible Inventors

Inventors will brainstorm, design and prototype a multitude of different products that will improve the world around us. Teamwork challenges will guide inventors to listen to others and grow from learning to consider multiple ideas and feedback. Learn more here.

Dynamite Doctors

All young doctors at Camp Brainy Bunch will participate in hands-on, inquisitive interactives involving body systems that will intrigue your scientist, encourage critical thinking, and have them wondering what is more amazing than the human body! Learn more here.

Extraordinary Engineers

Engineers at Camp Brainy Bunch will participate in hands-on, collaborative design challenges that will call upon their creativity and critical thinking skills. Visit the curriculum tab below for more details! Learn more here.

Wonderful Writers 

At Camp Brainy Bunch, we work with young writers to build their communication skills around audience, purpose, and voice. We will explore and consider the words of powerful authors which help to inspire our own pieces. At the same time, we balance all our engaging literacy development activities with games and recreation to keep our day full of energy and fun. Learn more here. 

Our New Program: Epic Environmentalists 

Empower your child to become a steward of the planet at our newest summer camp! Young environmentalists delve into ecosystems, habitats, and adaptations, exploring the impact of waste and pollution on our world. For senior epic environmentalists, the adventure continues with critical thinking challenges, team-based projects on sustainable energy cities, innovative upcycling solutions, and the opportunity to lead impactful awareness campaigns. Learn more here. (Our curriculum page is currently experiencing issues, we hope to get it resolved soon!) 

It's all included with the All Summer Pass!