Rising 1st-2nd graders

Our youngest detectives will learn about observation versus inference and how great detectives use clues from the world around them to solve mysteries. They will learn and practice how to notice even the smallest details and will learn how to back up their claims with evidence from the case. Students will bring home a set of case files at the conclusion of camp from their week as detectives solving mini-mysteries.

Rising 3rd-4th graders

Our detectives will learn beginning forensics techniques in order to look closely at the world and gather important clues that others may have missed. Throughout the week, detectives will solve a series of mini-mysteries culminating in one larger crime to be solved by the class! Detectives will bring home a case file at the end of the week detailing their final mystery and the techniques used to crack the case!

Rising 5th-6th graders

Our older detectives will jump right into forensic science by learning the techniques used by real detectives and lab technicians as mysteries are solved each day. Detectives will also learn the art of interrogation and will practice by role playing as both the detective and the suspect! When it’s time for the big, final mystery, our detectives will be well equipped to crack the case and bring home a case file detailing their findings.

Highlights of All Our Camps

  • Outstanding instructors and low student ratios make certain that your child develops a strong bond with all staff from the first minute they arrive.
  • Daily camp culture rituals create a strong, silly, and supportive camp community.
  • Extended care activities follow a theme that continues the fun and exploration beyond the regular camp day.