In summer 2023, teams will utilize the Engineering Design Process as they work to build alumni favorites such as rockets, ziplines, and structures to withstand some goopy mystery matter.

 New this year are challenges around creating mechanical tools, flying hot air balloons, building geodesic domes, and designing self-sorting nano-pipes! Prepare for your engineer to be challenged to think about the world in a different way throughout this exciting week.

Rising 1st-2nd graders

Our youngest engineers will get a first-hand introduction to the Engineering Design Process. From the start, students will be immersed in an environment of inquiry, discovery, and risk-taking. We hope that our projects don’t work the first time, so we can learn from our mistakes and make them better. Challenges include the physics of rockets, exploring sound waves, flying their own kites, and blowing giant bubbles!

Rising 3rd-4th graders

Young engineers will be building amazing mechanical arms, studying potential and kinetic energy through creating roller coasters, and flying their own hot air balloon designs. Along the way, students will learn about how the field of engineering is solving the problems of today and the future.

Rising 5th-6th graders

Our oldest engineers will take engineering to new heights as they apply aerospace and robotics science in the creation of geodesic domes, mechanical arms, a wrapping machine, and even the design of a new wearable exoskeleton! Each new day starts with a “Dream Job” connection, introducing engineers to different fields within science such as robotics, chemistry, and even animation.

Parents are invited to join our Engineering Conference on the last day of camp, where campers will show off their creations and explain their design process.