2024 Pricing 

  • 1 week: $595 per week
  • 2 weeks: $575 per week ($40 savings) - Use code 2024CBBT2
  • 3 weeks: $560 per week ($105 savings) - Use code 2024CBBT3
  • 4 weeks: $535 per week ($240 savings) - Use code 2024CBBT4
  • 5 weeks $535 per week ($300 savings) - Use code 2024CBBT5
  • All Summer Pass - Just $450 per week!          
  • ** Plus receive $25 off extended care when registering for 2 or more sessions! (add EC to the end of the codes above)   
Extended Care
  • 8am - 4pm: $110
  • 8am - 5:30pm: $185
  • (July 1st week) 8am - 5:30pm: $100

The Learning!

Rising 1st - 2nd Graders
Rising 3rd - 4th Graders
Rising 5th - 6th Graders
Our youngest environmentalists build foundational knowledge about ecosystems, habitats, and adaptations. They extend their knowledge throughout the week by examining how waste and pollution affect environments. They also examine the differences between renewable and non-renewable energy sources. 

Our Intern & Senior epic environmentalists will get to use their critical thinking skills to invent solutions to environmental challenges! They will get to work in teams to design and model sustainable energy cities, invent ways that frequently discarded materials can be upcycled, and build communication skills as they develop a campaign to raise awareness on an issue of their choice. 

*Interns and Seniors may have some overlapping activities but Interns are in a different grouping keeping in mind the level of support they may need 

At Camp Brainy Bunch we aim to combine the best parts of school (Learning) with the best parts of camp (Fun)! Each week is a robust curriculum written and edited by our outstanding network of educators who have years of experience in the classroom as well as being camp staff. We scaffold activities to ensure all campers are successful no matter their level. We also challenge advanced campers by adding layers of complexity. 

The Fun!

Daily Morning Meetings to build culture, lasting memories and friendships!

Brain Breaks! It's summer after all so let's PLAY! Brain Breaks allow us to transition between curriculum activities. Brain Breaks feature classic camp games as well as unique activities that follow the weekly theme. We also encourage our staff to be their authentic selves by hosting games/activities near and dear to them.

Fun Friday Celebrations! Every Friday we acknowledge the success of our campers and host a much deserved water day to cool off from the summer heat!
Highlights of All Our Camps
Outstanding instructors and low student ratios make certain that your child develops a strong bond with all staff from the first minute they arrive.

Daily camp culture rituals create a strong, silly, and supportive camp community.

Extended care activities follow a theme that continues the fun and exploration beyond the regular camp day.

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