Rising 1st-2nd graders

Your young explorer will work on the essential skills to read and write like an explorer as they discover the world around them. Students will create a “passport” where they can record their thoughts and pictures from their explorations and even create a pen pal project to present to families and friends at the end of the week.

Rising 3rd-4th graders

Our explorers will discover new, uncharted territory as they learn about all the inhabited continents in the world. Students will use their journals and “passports” from their explorations in the culminating travel expo, open to family and friends. These explorers will moonlight as travel agents for the day as they use their newfound knowledge and skills to advertise their chosen continent to future visitors. Throughout the week, students will learn about physical and human geography, as well as beginning map skills.

Rising 5th-6th graders

Our oldest explorers will build on and extend their foundational understanding of geography and dig deeper into their chosen continents. For our advanced travel expo, students will not only focus on their continents of choice but will also delve into the countries and cities that make them unique! In addition to learning more about the world around them, these explorers will also focus on more advanced map skills.

* Please note that 3rd-6th graders share some of the same activities and curriculum that vary in complexity and challenge.

Highlights of All Our Camps

  • Outstanding instructors and low student ratios make certain that your child develops a strong bond with all staff from the first minute they arrive.
  • Daily camp culture rituals create a strong, silly, and supportive camp community.
  • Extended care activities follow a theme that continues the fun and exploration beyond the regular camp day.