How To Teach Kids To Program

Computer programming is becoming a popular thing for kids to be learning at an early age. There are so many different ways that you can teach them. From different learning groups, board games, interactive games, and so much more. Camp Brainy Bunch helps kids excel in learning programming.  The younger they start the better. 

It can really benefit your child’s future to teach them coding. With technology evolving everyday and used more and more it’s a very valuable skill. It can help in all aspects of your life such as math, writing, and communication. Giving them the ability to strive in this technical world that we are living in is beneficial to them as they grow up. 

The Meaning of Programming

The basic meaning of coding is using a simple language to make a computer perform a specific action. You can use these skills in video games and building robots. The future is wide open for your child if they have the knowledge of programming. Boys and girls can both excel greatly by understanding the complex world of computers. 

Anyone Can Learn

Learning how to program can sound like a major ordeal to you, especially if you don’t have any knowledge of it as a parent. You may think that since you don’t know how or where to start, that they can’t learn how to do it. Just allowing them the opportunity to get involved and learn is all you have to do.

There are so many programs out there now that can teach them everything they need to know. The variety of options are endless from board games, to apps, to websites, and online learning groups and lessons. If they really want to learn, there is a way even if you don’t know how to do it. 

Teaching Younger Kids To Program

Teaching kids valuable skills when they are younger is beneficial to their future. Learning to program can help them in so many ways, also helping their brain to develop. Working with computers is a valuable skill to have and learn the ins and outs about it. There are several games and activities that are made for kids even as young as 4. Here are a few:

  • Daisy The Dinosaur
  • Kids Ruby
  • Sphero
  • Robot Turtles
  • Scratch

There are many options on their age level to choose from. Ones with all different characters to keep their interest. Growing young brains with the knowledge of computers isn’t a skill you will regret teaching them..

Learning How To Code

After kids have learned the basics of coding they can then move on to a little bit harder skills. Trying to help your kids do this can be challenging if you are not familiar with coding yourself. Looking for games and apps to download are good options to learn these skills. 

There are several ones that you can download for different age ranges and skill levels. Some kids who start with these skills earlier can move to the next level before some. It all depends on one’s learning level and ability. A few options to download or purchase for older kids are:

  • Move The Turtle
  • Hackety Hack
  • Hopscotch
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Made With Code By Google

Building Things

Kids who understand a lot about coding and how it works will enjoy building different things. Such as a robot. What an awesome thing to tell your friends, that you built a robot. They get to use their imagination to build this machine however they want. Then deciding what codes you want to use to make it do whatever they want. Pretty cool bragging rights, right there. 

Creativity is a great way for kids to explore things that they enjoy. Programming teaches them to use their brain and be creative. It can improve their confidence level and challenge their brains. One other good thing is that it teaches them to be in control and solve problems that they may experience.

Playing Video Games

Believe it or not, the one thing that the majority of parents try to limit their kids from doing, could help with coding. Playing some video games is about creating different mods and codes to achieve certain goals in the game.

One in particular is Minecraft. They can use their knowledge of programming to create more swords or armor they need. Kids can play video games while using their brain to code. 

Helping Kids Grow

Learning to code can really mentally help someone. It is giving you the ability to learn how to problem solve and think through problems. If your code doesn’t work, you have to use your brain to figure out why. They will learn how things work and what makes them work correctly. 

Another benefit of kids learning programming is that they will learn to pay attention to detail and learn patience. Everything doesn’t always work the first time. It may take you having to redo it a couple of times. Learning to use your memory and retain the information is another outtake of coding. 

Learning To Problem Solve 

Learning how to solve problems that come your way is a very important thing to learn. When you are learning to program and doing different tasks, you are going to figure out how to solve things. They won’t even realize the valuable skills that they are learning. 

While they are learning how to solve the problems they are facing, it is also teaching them to never give up. It is giving them a sense of resilience. When things don’t work out just how you wanted them to, keep trying, don’t give up. All in all it can help them develop confidence. 


Knowing how to work with a computer no matter how basic or complex is a valuable skill to have. Obviously, the more you know the better depending on the job. Teaching younger ones the skills they need to know to be savvy with computers is just helping them in the future. The job opportunities will grow in number when you have these skills to put on a resume. Please call for more information about our programs.