Fun Kids Activities For Summer

Summer is a very exciting time for kids and families. Schools out and it’s warm outside. Everyone is looking for all the fun things they can do as a family and different things they can experience.

The kids are probably the most excited about not having to get up super early and not having school work. Although they will miss their friends, they are still very excited about not having to upkeep a regular schedule.

1. Go To Camp

All kinds of places offer different camps throughout the summer. Usually whole days, half days, and all week long. Kids always really enjoy these and come back eager to go again the next year. Some places that probably offer camps are:

  • Camp Brainy Bunch
  • Zoo’s
  • Kids Museums
  • Community Centers
  • Churches
  • 4-H Camps
  • Rock Climbing 
  • Horse Stables
  • Even some police departments and fire departments offer junior camps for older kids. 

Kids will enjoy learning a variety of different things at these places and also make some new friends in the community. It’s a great time to explore new places and have fun. You never know what you might discover that will become a new favorite thing to do. New experiences are always good for kids to have. 

2. Go To The Park

Kids enjoy any type of activities that can get them out and playing. A simple walk or drive down the road to a local park is all you need to do sometimes. If you have several parks in your area, then make it a goal to visit each one. 

3. Visit a Amusement Park

Depending on where you live, there may be amusement parks within a day trip from you. Then others may have to drive further and make it a long weekend or even longer. If you have kids over 5, these are a lot of fun to do. There are so many to choose from if you don’t mind making a road trip. Some that you might want to look into are:

  • Six Flags
  • Dolly Wood 
  • Disney

4. Visit a Splash Pad

Splash pads are a lot of fun for the kids and parents too. They are a little less involved for the parents. That is a good thing because it is more relaxing for you than a water park. This is always a good option too if you have smaller children. Provides less anxiety for you. 

5. Go To a Water Park

If you are a parent of children who are a little bit older, water parks are a lot of fun. That is, if you as a parent don’t mind traipsing around in your swimsuit with your kids all day. They can be a little nerve wracking if your kids are smaller, you have multiple kids of varying age ranges, or if the park is packed. 

6. Visit a State Park

There are lots of things to do when you go to a state park. Let you kids experience nature and all that it has to offer. Going on nature walks is good exercise and a great family activity that everyone can enjoy.

Letting them walk through the creeks and play. Usually a lot of them have picnic areas and playgrounds too. Pack up a lunch and have a picnic together. It will make great memories that your kids will be able to treasure forever. 

7. Make A Fairy Garden 

These are a lot of fun to do in your yards or gardens at home. They sell all kinds of fun fairy houses and trinkets to put in them now. You have the ability to make it as big or small as you may want. 

You can also go on a hunt for the accessories for it. Like pieces of bark and moss to add in there. The kids can even play with the fairies when the project is finished. 

8. Plant a Garden 

A fun way to get the kids involved with gardening is to have them help you. They will love to dig holes and plant the vegetables and fruits. Watering them and checking to see what has grown will be a daily activity for them.

It’s also a wonderful way to get them to try new things and teach them about growing the food that they eat. You may even get them to try new vegetables that they may have otherwise never tried. It is exciting when they have seen it grow and picked themselves. 

9. Teach Them How To Cook

Kids love to get involved in the kitchen. Yes, it makes it more messy and takes longer. But, they love it nonetheless. There are alot of easy recipes that kids can follow or even purchase a kids cookbook. 

If you have multiple kids, let them take turns deciding what dinner will be that day. This is also a good way of introducing them to new foods and trying new things. When they make it, they are more likely to try it. 

10. Watch Movies

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on movies you haven’t seen or a tv series you haven’t watched yet. Plan certain nights for a movie night and popcorn. Letting them stay up past bedtime and binge on whatever movie or tv show you have decided on. 

11. Have a Game Night

Have your kids help you plan a game night. Invite friends or family over and have snacks. Let them help you plan the snacks and activities that you do. They will enjoy the time together and learning new games. 

12. Invite Friends For a Sleepover

Let your kids make an invite list of a couple of friends and a list of favorite foods and snacks. They can stay up late playing games and eating junk food. These summer memories are something that they will cherish forever and really enjoy. It also gives them an opportunity to keep in contact with their friends over the summer. 

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